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When I shutdown and reboot it takes less than 1 min to get to the desktop. If I restart, it is on the W10 logo wait screen for a LLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOGGGGGGGGG.I guess if I disable fast start it will take a long time on a cold boot also. So windows 8.1, after rebooting (I do have SSD, so it gets to desktop in seconds) - then freezes for about 60-90 seconds atThen after that time everything unfreezes - all explorer windows/task manager windows I queued get open, etc. (Image-1) System start (boot) time, Install-Date Windows!Running since the last reboot od my Windows 8.1 or Windows 10? How long has windows 8.1 been out or windows 8 computer running since to track how long computer running software? One of my computers has been suffering from a slow or long shutdown time, around 4 to 5 minutes. That happened when I upgraded its operating system from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1. Well, at first it shuts down and restarts properly. Use Leos instructions to schedule a RESTART at a time when you will not be using the computer. In the long run you will be glad you did.I have my windows 8.1 Asus Q200E laptop set to automatically update at 2 am, then the reboot to happen at 4 am. Limited Time Offer - Save 200 on MSI GL62M 7REX-1896US gaming laptop!First of all, insert the windows 8/8.1 DVD or a recovery drive in your disc tray.Now you will see that windows have been rebooted to system restore window .

Change PC settings in Charm Bar, reboot the system. . Run Store app, choose Update to Windows 8.1 for free and.It took a long time to find the information on the site. to boot into Windows 7, your PC takes longer than the required time.System Functions Reboot To is a free program designed to help you easily reboot from one version of Windows to another without having to select the OS version in the boot menu. It is possible that every other time Windows attempts to boot, a BSOD occurs. Recent versions of Windows are configured to hide this fact from the user and silently reboot.If your PC did not come with a Windows installation disc or if you no longer have your Windows setup media, you can use When you first use Windows 8 or Windows 8.

1, you will have a hard time figuring out how to shut down or restart your Ciprian Adrian Rusen published on 03/08/2012. Which browser will make your battery last longer in Windows 10? However, when I click Restart from Windows, the interface shuts down, and my PC remains active, but nothing else happens for a good 2 or 3Give it a minute to settle then boot it back up again making another note of both the actual time and also a ruff count of how long it takes to fully boot up. solved Very slow rebooting time Windows 8.1.See also. My pre-installed Windows 8.1 Pro is so slow when booting after I dual boot with Windows 7 Ultimate. solved Windows 8.1 boot time too long on beast PC! Home > windows 8 1 long boot time. Related Keywords.For those who use a mixture of Windows and Linux system should know that Linux OS has simple command to check system uptime or the last reboot time. This is no longer possible in Windows 8.The amount of time that Windows 8 looks for SHIFTF8 is so small on most Windows 8 devices and PCs that it borders on impossible to get it to work. Use Group Policy and disable automatic reboot. On your Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 device, from start page, open the run box.Once more press WinR keys in order to initiate the run box. This time, type regedit and click on ok. If you have installed Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 in a dual boot configuration and have set Windows 8.1 as the default OS to boot into, you probably noticed that the new bootloader of Windows 8 performs an additional reboot every time you select Windows 7 in the boot menu. Windows 8 boots fast! Yet, there is room for improvement. We show you how to measure and optimize your Windows boot time.You can get a semi-accurate estimation of how long it takes to boot your computer by counting the seconds or using a stopwatch. Note: Once you reboot to your system, it is recommended you run Windows Update again.I m using win 8.1 . after entering password , the screen shows blank for long time , but wireless mode , power options are active . How to rectify this problem ? Windows 8.1 and 10 both boot/reboot faster than Windows 7. If there are updates being installed it might take longer SOME OF THE TIME but only when installing updates. 274 Views. when i restart my computer i takes too much time for windows to finish loading.I dont reboot that often so I dont dive into this as much as I did years ago. A SSD drive would tackle a lot of the boot speed complaints. Bob. Microsofts KB3126446 update for Windows 7 /8.1 makes PCs and Laptops go in a reboot loop.The new update, KB3126446 released yesterday as part of February 2016 Patch Tuesday seems to be pushing Windows 7 computers into a longer reboot loop. when i restart my computer i takes too much time for windows to finish loading.For your particular problem use the reboot configuration. Save any open work as it will reboot your computer 2-3 times. A restart is a proper Windows reboot, and takes longer to get Windows 8 up and running. And I do recommend doing this every few days.But when we Restart Windows 8/8.1, it will reset Up time to zero. Ive gone ahead and installed the Windows 8.1 Professional update after being quite happy with Win 8 Pro. After about a month of waiting for an improvement in the Restart times - it takes approximately 3 minutes after signing in for me to have a useable system Home > windows 8 1 long boot time. Related Keywords.For those who use a mixture of Windows and Linux system should know that Linux OS has simple command to check system uptime or the last reboot time. After I updated to 8.1, every restart takes literally minutes. At first I was cycling the power on and off, then decided to wait and see what would happen and it finally does reboot, just takes forever !!! Ive messed around w/ bios settings, services Windows 8.1 Time Problems. By MLyons10, March 12, 2014 in Windows Support.Im suspicious that this is a low battery, but, normally your system time should stay accurate until a reboot/shutoff/sleep because it should be using a different timer source when the system is on from In the section below, you will find different reasons, why Windows 8.1 takes too long to start up.To realize if this is the reason of your annoyance, you can perform a clean boot and then a reboot. On the next Startup, notice the startup time. Most of the time, Windows downloads updates quietly in the background while you are working and then installs them at your next shutdown or restart. However, if you wait too long to reboot on your own or your update occurs at a scheduled time PROBLEM Kaseya does not detect a Windows 8.1 "Hybrid" shutdown as a reboot / shutdown. This can lead to the "last reboot" time appearing to be incorrect. CAUSE A hybrid shutdown is not a real shutdown - it is more like hibernation Updates :: Changing Windows 8.1 Update Time Setting?Updates :: Laptop Taking Very Long Time To Do UpdatesAcer W500 - Every Time Wake Up From Sleep Computer Needs To Reboot? Even on a fast i7 machine, shut-down and restart times are long - taking approximately 3 to 4 minutes.Be patient for several minutes there is no hourglass or other activity. When you get bored, minimize all windows, looking for a reboot message. If you installed the Windows 8.1 preview build and have not upgraded to 8 .1 RTM you may notice that your machine is rebooting itself every 2 hours andI currently have windows 8.1 preview. I need to upgrade to windows 8.1. My computer restarts every 2 hours. Every time I got to the store, half the Its been tested on Windows 10, 8.1 and 7. Remember to unblock in properties.Then try a test with the right click and use the Restart option. In my case using both shutdown options gave the same restart time, but the Restart option gave a much longer time. It takes a lot of time to start windows and also restart windows. I wanted to go back to windows 8 which was really very faster.Or you may have some autostarting programs which cause the long boot up time. Many users of Windows 8.1 have been complaining about random restarts and shutdowns. Sometimes the computer stops while restarting or shutting down. Most of the time these issues are related to a new feature in Windows 8 called Hybrid Shutdown. Re: longer time during restart. [ Edited ]. Options.Thank you for posting! This is nothing to worry about. Actually, this is expected behaviour and is caused by the way Microsoft WIndows 8/8.

1/10 works. It is taking a really long time to load my login for window 8.1 on my laptop and when I research the possible reasons it is recommended to do clean reboot. I am looking for a bit more information about this.working, Win 8.1 works absolutely perfect for long long hours rendering video, playing games etc i never found a BSOD or random reboot.My guess is there are some Windows 8.1 feature that doesnt fit well with my mobo, but i cant find it. (Image-1) System start (boot) time, Install-Date Windows!Running since the last reboot od my Windows 8.1 or Windows 10? How long has windows 8.1 been out or windows 8 computer running since to track how long computer running software? Why top spec iMac boots twice longer then comperable yet cheaper windows based laptop is beyond me. More computer specs below. Windows 8.1 SSD boot and re-boot times Asus X550JK i7-4710HQ 12GB RAM Samsung EVO 840 250GB SATA III with rapid mode enabled. I then updated the Windows 8.1 with latest updates from Microsoft. After working for sometime on my laptop when I clicked on Shutdown my laptop instead of shutting down got restarted. I tried it multiple times and the same thing happened. This cause could be possibly due to the recent driver updates. Two of the device drivers can cause this issue. Bluetooth (To isolate, please disable the Bluetooth adapter and check). Video driver. Check and change/revert the above drivers and check the outcome. Hope this helps. Using this version I upgraded some Windows 7 desktops and it is no longer taking a long time to reboot. It seems that a restart will actually turn the machine off and power it back on again. How to See What Your Windows Restart Time is.This will show you how to see how long in seconds it takes your Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 PC to restart back to the desktop. After Sysprep, windows 8.1 tooks long time to boot, is it normal? N.A.Malik. Hi, Generally, when you sysprep an image and deploy it to other devices, it would prepare the device settings, registry update and other computer configuration. I am using dual boot operating systems on my Dell Inspiron N4050 laptop with Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu 13.10. The time in Windows remains correct while I keep using it. But when I log into Ubuntu and then again restart my laptop and login to Windows You should see a starting trace dialog box flash on the screen for an instant before your computer reboots itself.Since the column is Disk Service Time column is sorted with the longest close times listed firstHere, it looks like Windows Defender was nibbling on 56,254 microseconds of close time. Slow restart time. Windows 8.1 I updated recently to Windows 8.1 and I noticed the time for the system to restart (after selecting the option in the shut down menu) is extremely long. I believe this is a problem, especially because the time to shut down is really fast. Any ideas? Whenever your Windows 8 takes too long to boot up, you can try to use the system troubleshooting feature to fix it manually.Support. Feel free to contact us any time! Hot Topics. Windows 10 Password Reset Tool.

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