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XML has two MIME types, application/xml and text/xml.This is specified with a charset parameter, as in: Content-type: text/plain charsetiso-8859-1.Consider the issues surrounding an EBCDIC encoded XML file. To be on the safe side and ensure consistent behavior in all browsers, its usually better to use both: Content-Type: application/octet-stream Content-Disposition: attachmentfilename"My Text File.txt". A type beginning with text/ indicates that the contents of the file are human readable. I can open it and get a grip of whats going on inside, even if I do notOne tool that fails badly with application/x-php is the aforementioned svn: It detects text files as I described, by using the MIME types media part. string mimecontenttype ( string filename). The Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) system was designed to allow theThere are MIME types for all sorts of formats, from "application/zip" for zip files to "video/quicktime" for Quicktime .mov filestext/ Microsoft Word data file. Returns the MIME content type for a file as determined by using information from the magic.mime file.Return Values. Returns the content type in MIME format, like text/plain or application/octet-stream. tmp/9859aa87e4cbf0f33fd178012d8819b720150723-8057-lwvwns.txt [paperclip] Content Type Spoof: Filename bugreport-1hour-head.txt (application/octet-stream from Headers, [] from Extension), content type discovered from file command: text/plain. My application work with some dynamic generated files once my workflow is complete, I need to send the details of files in the success mail in a table format.

After going through oozie docs I figured out that we can use < contenttype>text/html to do the same. The problem is that the JS file thats ?not? being loaded is not included in the Source File, and both source files are defined as script typetext/javascript.A