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PHP Carbon set timezone offset adds hours. I am having issues in SQL Union ALL Left Join. wp insertattachment add two records on posts table.2 put the value of textarea into hidden input. document.getElementById( insert-variable-value-id).value data Here is a HTML form contains a textarea which will post to a PHP file " insert.php": textarea: If we use the same insert method as textfield.query "INSERT INTO table(field)VALUES(area)" We run the query and an if condition is added to check the result Basically it consists of a textarea, then a form with Submit buttons, then a drop down box. The red outlined box is a div whose contents changes depending on the value selected from the dropdown box, whose current value is Player. It is very easy to insert php values into textarea here is Complete code work fine < textarea name"details" rows"15 textarea.value text1 text2 textarea.focus(textarea.value.length - 1) If we then have a textarea with id"text", this will be the link inserting the tags, e.g. [something] and [/something] I want to insert multiple email into database using single textarea. This is my code : if(isset(POST[submit])) email nl2br(POST[email]) foreach(email as emails) . query mysqlquery(" INSERT INTO emails (email) VALUES (emails)") The following code shows how to get value from textarea.The following code is for index.php. in this video tutorial i will show you about texarea and Radio Button value insert into database phpmyadmin MySQL. from user get a value and insert into database. php insert update delete tutorial in Hindi or Urdu.

like myPHP And MySQL Tutorial 40 - Other Form Elements Textarea Password. PHP :: Insert Text From TEXTAREA Into MySQL.How can i give the key value as the parameter of t Upon clicking Ubuntu to run after reboot it says i Clear the cache always that I refresh the page. Is there any way to insert POST[textarea] into without escaping shell special chars? chars? Thanks in advance for any suggestion.