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Related posts. Checkbox Check all Gridview Below code will let you select all checkboxes contained inside the page on click of header checkbox.Its very simple to achieve using JQuery scripts. Lets see, how to hide Div element o JQuery Get Element By ID or class name or tag namePrior to I want to get the class name using jQuery And if it has an id

. After getting the element as jQuery object via other means than its class, then var className (sidebar div:eq(14)).attr(class) should do the trick. If you dont need any classes for styling purpose you can use the function .removeClass() without parameter. In that case all classes are removed, you dont have to pass all possible classes that should be removed. jquery msgBox on clicking a Button. Jquery dont find elements by ID but finds by class. how to get current click element value in jquery. In jquery how to select a single element by class name? how to add div when click on button using jquery ? I want to get the class name using jQuery. And if it has an id.So if you want to have the class selector, do the following : var className .(id).attr(class).split( ).join(.) jQuery - Selecting HTML Elements Using ID or Class Name - Продолжительность: 4:43 Procure Eminence 996 просмотров.How to get a specific child divs value from parent using jquery - Продолжительность: 4:14 Go Freelancer 2 355 просмотров. Here are easy examples that show how to use on click event using jQuery.

Try the Demo to see how onlick is used to add class, show div, show alert. How can I get clicked elements coordinates that means mouse x and y positions related to the clicked element, related to document and related to its parent element?This is not the big task. jQuery pageX, pageY, offset() events can be use for this purpose. You can use classList which will return list of class attributes of the element. (".social").

bind("click touchstart", function() var cName this.classList[1] alert(cName) )