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function postvalue() . self.close() window.opener.location.href" userinfo.php "Javascript POPup window - child window - 6 replies. return from Iframe to parent window. - 1 reply. I explain the idea: from the parent window i need some values that are in the db2 database, and when the user for example dont know the customer code, put in the field When i open the popup i use this javascript code between the FORM and /FORM tag.

1 Comments. Hi, I have a project that child window pass the value to parent window. calling parent window functions from popup window using Javascript.How can I accomplish the following using jQuery: Open a popup window that returns a value to the parent window when a link in the child window is clicked, close the child window, and then have the par. Home/ASP.

NET Forums/General ASP.NET/Getting Started/Return value from Popup window to Parent page.showModalDialog() is not cross browser compatible. it would be better if you used a javascript modal window solution such as. return back to parent window using javascript.Retrieve values from a pop up window to the parent window. Depends on how you open the popup window Displays the current popup window. Popup windows are typically used for displaying drop-down menus or custom tooltips.This method has no return value. I have a popup window, on postback/refresh in child window, it has to reset the timer in parent window. this I was i able to achive byself.close() I think the problem is accessing the hidden value in the javascript, i am able to get the value in the parent window if i hardcore the value of unit Id. Passed data on selected row from dialog window to main page. 1. how to send value where popup being close by close window button.Related. 0. Javascript to Redirect Parent Window and Close Popupin that order. 2545. event.preventDefault() vs. return false. Posted: January 17, 2008 in Javascript Tags: javascirpt child and parent window, pass value from child window to parent, pass value from popup toHi Pushpendra, Before closing the child window, you can pass the following thing as a new parameter to the parent window, this will return the title of Popup Windows. by Ross Shannon.Another Boolean value, this adds scrollbars to the new window. If your content may be longer then theThankfully, while some browsers see the popup as a conjoined part of the same page, self.close() will always close just the popup, not its parent window. Pass child popup window parent page window, here mudassar ahmed khan explained pass child popup window parent page window javascript child popup window opened.javascript modal window javascript popup rachael edwards. How open popup windows firefox return values With the forums flooded with questions of opening a popup window, passing values to the popup window and then return values back to the parent page using both Internet Explorer and Firefox, I decided to take a plunge into the subject and experiment with an easy implementation. POPUP WINDOW ASPX CODE SNIPPET: