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that contains the link and not on the link itself. React-router supplies a Link component that knows when it is active and allows that link to be styled appropriately using either inline styles or a className. React-Bootstrap is a library of reusable front-end components. Youll get the look-and-feel of Twitter Bootstrap, but with much cleaner code, via Facebooks React.js framework. bower install react react-bootstrap. Example Code: For Rending Button. react-bootstrap. I am passing the option values into a series of Dropdown buttons, each of which is in a child component from a data array.import React, Component from react import Button from react- bootstrap/lib/Button import Modal fromlink rel"manifest" href"PUBLICURL React Admin.Bootstrap Buttons. Contents. Examples. Conveying meaning to assistive technologies. Button tags.

Outline buttons. Sizes. So we must also include a standard Bootstrap stylesheet in our application. We can do this by simply adding the CDN link into our project import Button from "react-bootstrap" Next, instead of using HTML < button> tags to create an HTML button, lets use the Button components