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The quake was felt by people from San Diego to parts of Los Angeles, more than 100 miles away, according to postings on social media.Itica Milanes, a news anchor for an ABC affiliate in San Diego, said on Twitter. Actress Lili Reinhart tweeted, "Experienced my first LA earthquake last night Los Angeles KTLA news station was airing their morning news when the St. Patricks Day earthquake hit.Watch anchors Chris Schauble and Megan Henderson take cover while the quake shakes the entire studio. The rolling quake struck at 6.25am local time on Monday, but the Los Angeles Fire Department said it had received no reports of damage.Several local morning news shows were live across the city when the earthquake hit, prompting some anchors to dive under their studio desks as cameras rolled. The earthquake demonstrated the success of an early earthquake warning system being tested by scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey.Hats off to anchor Chris Schauble for being able to laugh at himself The 4.4 magnitude earthquake hit Los Angeles at 6:25 a.m. PST, causing noticeable shaking in parts of the city.The earthquake surprised two KTLA news anchors mid-broadcast, forcing them to take cover in the studio. A 4.4 magnitude earthquake hit the greater Los Angeles area today while the KTLA news team was on the air. One of the anchors yells EARTHQUAKE before both dive under their desks.

The event only lasted a second or two. A 3.6 magnitude earthquake rocked Los Angeles late Monday, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) reported, interrupting a regularly televised local KNBC newscast, where anchors described feeling the jolt. CBS Evening News. Is Los Angeles ready for a major earthquake? CBS This Morning. Fla.

school deputy failed to act in shooting.Jeff Glor named anchor of CBS Evening News. The 4.4 magnitude quake was centered 5.6 miles north-northwest of Westwood. A strong earthquake hit Los Angeles early Monday morning.earthquake News Anchor: "People jumped out of bed like ninjas!" But noanchors Chris Schauble and Megan Henderson did the right thing in the event of an earthquake, it just so happens that the right thing was slapstick comedy gold.Gavon Laessig is a deputy news director and front page editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in New York. Two Los Angeles morning news anchors dove for cover when a magnitude-4.4 temblor rattled the region during their TV broadcast. KTLAs Chris Schauble and Megan Henderson were reading the news when they felt their studio shake. "Earthquake. And to round out the rest of the local news reactions, here is the Fox news team. The earthquake actually looks most dramatic on their live broadcast: Los Angeles Local News | FOX 11 LA KTTV. La Anchors Earthquake Earthquake Kttv Earthquake Reporters Earthquake News Media News. News teams in the Los Angeles area were shaken up Monday morning when an earthquake (magnitude 4.4) rolled through from the San Fernando Valley to Long Beach. KTLA morning news anchors Chris Schauble and Megan Henderson react to a magnitude-4.4 earthquake in southern California during their live television broadcast early this morning. The earthquake struck at 6:25 AM PT around 10 kilometers northwest of Beverly Hills La Anchors Earthquake Earthquake Kttv Earthquake Reporters Earthquake News Media News News teams in the Los Angeles area were shaken up Monday morning when Los Angeles rang in Saint Patricks Day with a 4.4 magnitude earthquake, which shook residents from San Fernando Valley to Long Beach this morning.KTLA anchors Chris Schauble and Megan Henderson were delivering the news when, all of a sudden, they were confronted with the When a 4.4 magnitude earthquake struck Los Angeles on Monday morning, it was timed perfectly for the morning shows.One of the anchors, in fact, appeared reluctant to come back out and continue the news segment. Imagine you are reading news live on air when an earthquake hits your city. These two KTLA anchors experienced that first hand when a 4.4 earthquake rumbled through Los Angeles. They dove under their desk and emerged looking sheepish. See the CBS 2 morning news anchors react live on air. See it here. KTLA 5: The reaction of anchors Chris Schauble Megan Henderson is priceless— FOX 11 Los Angeles (myfoxla) March 17, 2014. Media captionNichola Carroll reports on as an earthquake shakes Los Angeles.It was felt across four counties, from Palm Springs in the east and Ventura County to the north, Reuters news agency reported. Two KTLA-TV anchors ducked under their desks live on the air Monday morning as a magnitude 4.4 earthquake rumbled through Los Angeles. Earthquake, anchor Chris Schauble said. We are having an earthquake. Yesterday the Los Angeles area experienced a mild earthquake, roughly 4.4 magnitude, and it was all caught on the live news broadcast. Fortunately so were the reactions of KTLAs lead anchors.

One of the pair, Megan Henderson, remained calm and professional News Anchors Hide Under Table Live On TV!LA Earthquake happens on live TV. According to the USGS, a shallow 4.4 magnitude earthquake struck the Los Angeles area early Monday morning ! A 4.4 earthquake rocked West Los Angeles on Monday morning, jarring awake thousands of residents near UCLA.The quake hit during a local news channels live morning broadcasts. A magnitude 4.4 earthquake hit Los Angeles right in the middle of local morning newcasts, catching anchors by surprise. VPC. Get our instant notifications as news happens. Enable not now.An early morning earthquake rattled these two normally composed morning anchors in Los Angeles. Share. Tweet. Pin. Email. A magnitude-4.4 earthquake rattled Los Angeles and the nerves of KTLA news anchor Chris Schauble early Monday morning. During the stations morning newscast from Hollywood, a jolt in the studio interrupted Schauble and co- anchor Megan Henderson. News anchors hilarious reaction to LA tremor. EARTHQUAKES in Los Angeles are not an unusual occurrence but this news anchors reaction to one happening on air was unintentionally hilarious. WATCH: Los Angeles news anchors remember quake that rocked Calif. in 1994. Some earthquake-hardened veterans commented on Twitter, including some in Hollywood. Imgur. download. The Los Angeles area was jolted by a shallow earthquake, according to the US Geological Survey reported. Twitter has been swept by an avalanche of reactions from those in the area during the quake. LA and Southern California. Los Angeles, California, United States.The largest earthquake in Greater Los Angeles Area, California Early Monday morning a magnitude-4.4 earthquake rattled the Los Angeles area. Heres the moment KTLA news anchors Chris Schauble and Megan Henderson realized there was an earthquake. A 4.4 magnitude earthquake struck just west of Los Angeles on Monday morning, the U.S. Geological Survey said.News. At least 100 dead after powerful quake strikes near Iraq-Iran border. Local. News teams in the Los Angeles area were shaken up Monday morning when an earthquake (magnitude 4.4) rolled through from the San Fernando Valley to Long Beach. But no one had a better reaction than KTLA anchor Chris Schauble News anchors react to LA earthquake live on air - National — 19 Sep 2017 A small earthquake with an epicentre just outside Los Angeles caused a stir on social media on Monday night, and caught news anchors live. This LA News Anchors Earthquake Reaction Is Pretty Priceless.In the middle of KTLAs Monday morning broadcast, LA was hit with a 4.4-magnitude tremor, so anchors Chris Schauble and Megan Henderson stopped everything and crawled under their news desk. A 4.4 magnitude earthquake lightly wobbled Los Angeles this morning, but judging by the face of KTLA anchor Chris Schauble it was as though the mothership from Independence Day had just landed. Scroll down for the video. A 4.4-magnitude earthquake hit Los Angeles Monday morning, centered six miles north of Beverly Hills.Were having an earthquake!" The anchors duck under their desk as the camera pulls back to a wide shot of the trembling studio. The Los Angeles Earthquake was a 10.9 magnitude earthquake, which killed everyone in the area, except the Curtis family and Gordon Silberman. The earthquake starts violently as Kate, Noah, Lilly and Gordon are having breakfast and Government Press Confernce. Related tags la earthquake news st patricks day earthquake reporters we are having an earthquake st patrick earthquake today earthquake kttv la anchors earthquake chris schauble earthquake reaction to earthquake media news earthquake los angeles 2014 happy st A 4.4-magnitude earthquake was strongly felt in the Los Angeles area this morning. Theres no word on injuries or damage so far.Anchors over at KTLA wasted no time, diving under their desks when the set began to shake. News. World. California earthquake MAP: Where was earthquake in California after Alaska tsunami scare?WSPA-TV Daybreak anchor Fred Cunningham tweeted: 4.0 magnitude earthquake waking upCalifornia earthquake MAP: These maps show that shaking was felt in Los Angeles today. A 4.4 magnitude earthquake rocked Los Angeles, California, Monday morning, strong enough to drive two news anchors in the area into hiding under their desks during a live broadcast. Los Angeles News Anchors.Related: earthquake news report, earthquake news 2015, earthquake news in the philippines, news anchor microphone, news anchor hair, news anchors with tattoos. Earthquake California News Anchor Articles. Earthquake prediction, earthquake predictors.Los Angeles source for breaking news and live streaming video online. Geologi KNBC News Anchors Reaction During Los Angeles Earthquake www.Schaubles expressive reaction to the quake gained attention on the Internet. com/youtube?q lanewsanchorreactstoearthquakevyXSxxOPyc Mar 17, 2014 A Video: News anchors react during earthquake. Two news anchors in Los Angeles had to hide underneath the anchor desk as a 4.4. magnitude earthquake rattled the studio. A 4.4-magnitude earthquake shook the Los Angeles area on Monday morning, jolting some people awake just before sunrise but bringing no immediate reports of serious damage.MUST WATCH. Anchors react to L.A. quake on live TV 00:44. JUST WATCHED. News teams in the Los Angeles area were shaken up this morning when a 4.4 magnitude earthquake rolled through from the San Fernando Valley to Long Beach. But no one had a better reaction than KTLA anchor Chris Schauble.

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