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Head over to Google Play Store using your PC/Mac browser. Search for US Android app you want to install.VPN. Change of Wallet address. Nothing worked . . Only way I see is to verify my account as US by providing some social security number Hi guys I cannot open my Google play store. I went through settings only to find out that my download manager is disable and the button to enable it is all grey out.Hello Lovely, you can simply go to Settings -> Accounts —> Google —> find and remove the account you used for Google play. The good thing about this method is that any Google Play Store purchases you may have made will also be available on both devices, so youThe bad thing is that you may feel that all of this doubling up on notifications is annoying or is simply needlessly repeated because you only ever use your For one reason or another, lots of fellow Android users want to change their Google account country to get access to a different Play store, but only few succeed.I have used my local number and Google did not have any issues with it. Finally, check your email account for the link to activate this Google But many times the situation does arrive where your Google Account may not log in to the Android, Play Store App may get some issues or you dont want to use Google Account. In any, case this article will surely be helpful. You can use the phone without a Google account (just dont enter one), but then you dont have access to the Play Store.My only advice if you do this is to make a note of the account and password, as people who dont use it otherwise and hence only enter these credentials once You can also make Google account in the Setting menu if you skipped the Setup wizard without setting up.If you have forgotten Google Sign-in details as well, you can use a backup PIN to unlock, if you have setup one before. How to download apps from Play Store. Play Store Support via Desktop. 1. Login your Google Account (Gmail) 2.

Open this link in your desktop browser: httpsPlay Store Support via Mobile. 1. Open Play Store App in your Android device.It should show the same thing, the only difference is you are using your mobile browser. You can use your same Google account on multiple devices, allowing all of them to access your Google Play Store purchases.It is for Android and Kindle Fire devices only. How to fix "Waiting for Wi-Fi" error in Google Play Store? How to remove Google account from Android without factory reset?Asrarahmed 22 February 2018 04:15 AM. the same problem is to me but only when i insert my jio sim only not on any other sim only jio sim so plz help i tried all the things This is an optional feature that you can skip if you prefer to take advantage only of the free features that the Google Play Store offers. Back-Up Google will prompt you to use your account to backup apps and downloads from the tablet, that way, if you ever deleted something from the tablet you would Sometimes an app is released only for the specific country like Pokemon Go was just released for the USA first. You can change your country in Google Play store using thisUpdates: Tip: You can open the Google Play Store in the browser without being logged in or with another google account. Make sure that you only use Google Play store with VPN just for downloading free version apps and dont use it for purchasing paid-version apps.

If you purchase using the VPN IP address that does not belong to your country, then Google will detect and assume that your account is being hacked and Play Store for PC is the warehouse of all the Android apps available in the store. Earlier, only the smartphones and tablets running on the Android platform have availed the facility of using the Play Store.Sign in with the google account to use the BlueStacks. Google Play Store for Windows PC. Last week, Google rolled out the ability for Play store users to purchase apps and various digital content using a PayPal account.So when Google announced the added capability, I immediately wanted to set it up. Only, I couldnt easily find the option at first. Its simple task and register gmail first. Only 25 for register, thank you!It is recommended not to use your main Google account for this purpose, so you can keep this account separate Note that apps and store listings that you publish on Google Play must comply with the Developer Program Policies Fix A (only works if the account used to make the purchase is the "primary" account on the device)Open the Google Play Store and accept the terms. Open the app and query for purchases. The previous purchase is reported. So, to access Google play store, you must be sign in to your Google account and then only you can install Android apps.On using Android phone for some days I found two solid methods to log out of Google Play Store in your Android phone or tablet and I decided to explore these methods publicly Then do Step 4. (Unfortunately, sometimes Google Play continues to use the wrong account and this is the only way we know of to force it to use a particular account.)Delete/uninstall Triple Town from your device. Launch the Google Play Store app. How to remove google account from android and use another one - Продолжительность: 3:15 Kundan Bhattarai 334 287 просмотров.How To Sign Out From Google Play Store -2016 ? google-play-store google-account accounts. share|improve this question.Using a separate account for Play Store purchases. 17. Is it possible to set up a Google account for Gmail only? 4. When you create a new Google Play Store account and use it on an Android device such as a mobile phone, tablet or TV for the first time, that device will use that account for accessing the Play Store from that point forward.So, do it only if you are absolutely sure about removing your account. 3. on your google play store, choose this new account as the active account on play store. 4. Walla! now you can use the account country app.In my case, this only worked after I deleted the download manager app cache. The Google Play Store is the only online store that has been already loaded with over 2 million apps, over a million songs, books and movies.First we will discuss the method in which you can change the country or location of the current account that you are using on your device. This is because Android devices are programmed to download all their apps from the Play Store only, so if you dont make this adjustment your device willTap the icon to open Google Play Store, where you will be asked to sign in with your Google account (Gmail account) the first time you use the app. Just open the Google Play Store, slide out the side menu and select > Account > Family > Manage family members > and select either Require approvalAgain, you can only switch family groups once every 12 months, so use caution. Google Plays shared Family Library is said to go live later this I was use to being used by people I loved and any future relationship was going to feel the same, How to fix Google Play: Authentication is required.Solution: Goto settings-add account-google now give your google account informations and then again goto google play store. Log into the Google Play Developer Console from the Google account you use to publish apps to the Google Play store. If you dont have one, you will need to set oneOnly Google accounts on actual Android devices will be able to test In-App Purchases so keep that in mind when adding users. The Google Play Store is one of those apps we take for granted, mostly because it simply works as a mediator between the user and his or her precious apps. Hell freezes and the sky falls once it happens to stop working, though. Youll need to use the correct account. Error 927: The Play Store is already updating, so theres no reason to troubleshoot this issue.You have to download the Store from Amazon, not from Google. It sounds as though the only possible culprit is Google Play itself. This way, the account will exist only to make purchases through the Play Store and it will not sync any useless information such as contacts and other Google entries. Of course, you can also make use of a personal account Play Store App Settings. 1. Turn Off Automatic Downloads. If youre on a limited broadband plan and find your Android phone using unnecessary bandwidth, theres aPlay Store Website. 1. Edit Device Details.

Go to to get an overview of all the devices linked to your account. (For example: My play store account is one gmail com and admob account is two gmail com).It would be better if you switch to using one account though, but it is only for your comfort, you could do it with two account too. Use manage your accounts. Switch between accounts. If you have multiple accounts, you can choose which account youre using. These instructions will work for the Google Play Store, as well as Play Music, Play Movies TV, Play Books, Play Newsstand, or Play Games. However, to successfully change your country from your Google play store account I will advice you to use Payoneer card.Then you can see all apps without limits. So far this is the most convenient way to see apps normally. The only limit can be that the Google Play Store sees your IP and makes I tried creating new Google Play Store accounts but I cant seem to use any of my credit/debit cards.May I know what alternatives do I have? I only hope to have a working Google account that allows me to make purchases. Here are some of the methods that you can use when Google play store stops working. 1. Restart Your Device.Heres how to remove your Google account: Open your phones settings app. Look for Accounts which is under Personal subheading. The short answer is YES, however, you are not required to have both to publish onto only a single platform.The easiest is through Google Play store with Google Developer App Account. All the latest Android smartphone and tablet devices come with pre-installed Google Play Store app. As we all know, to use Play Store, the user must be a sign into the existing or create another Google account. The only information it will ask for will be your basic Google play store account username and password for logging in.The update for play store for ios is also available to make use of its newer features. Hi friend, There is no need to change the account for the Google Play StoreYou can use the same Android Market Google account for the Google Play StoreIfFinally, after creating account click Google Play store on your smart phone and press on "MENU Key" . Although 3rd party stores like 1MobileMarket do exist and are doing a great job, a lot of low profile developers only submit apps to the Playyou can use f0llow the steps below to download APK files off the Google Play Store without the need of a Google Account and the supported Android device. I signed in to Google Play using my own personal email address, as I figured that would be the easiest way to manage my account.When setting up these other devices, I could not figure out how to set up my account for only Google Play. To use Google Play Store on Android, you have to be signed in to a Google Account.1. Enter the Play Store app, enter the Menu -> Accounts 2. Press on Add Account 3. Select OK to create a new Google Account, or to sign in to an existing account. When it comes to download any app, we dont think twice to download the app from Google Play Store. It is the first and for most of the people only choice for downloadingYou can use any method to Sign out. Method 1: Remove Google Account. Go to Setting >> Scroll down and find the Accounts. Like the Apple App Store, there are apps in the Google Play Store that are only available in the United States.To disable your two-step verification, use the steps below: Click on your Gmail profile picture. Choose My Account. The google account is mandatory for using google play because google tries to provide you with the best services and options and by signing in with a google account you can not only securely backup your apps and data but also transfer dataThis is why the google play store account is important. 1. remove your google account from settings/accounts 2. reboot your device and run google play store and login with the account you want to use.The only solution for now is to remove the other account and force Google Play to install the apps on your preferred account. It is actually possible to sign up for a Google account without GMail and I just read the ToS, and they seem to allow use for business purposes.Google is a US company, so theyre bound by that finding and have written the ToS for the Play store with that in mind. The only gray area is an ethical one Complete your account details. Your developer name, email address, and website will be displayed on the Google Play Store page of your app.Keep in mind that a "developer name" (the company name in this case) can only be used once in the Developer Profile.

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