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Though it may surprise you, an SUV has more in common with cars and minivans than with trucks.The adaptability of the SUV makes it incredibly attractive to most buyers-you can find what you need in this class of vehicle without sacrificing cargo space or passenger room. Its no contest when it comes to cargo volume minivans crush even the largest SUVs. The 2016 Honda Odyssey has 148.5 cubic feet of cargo space behind the front seats, while the 2016 Chevrolet Suburban only has 94.7 cubic feet of room for your stuff. Loading cargo is also much easier with a In the past, the minivan was the vehicle of choice for families all over the world. With space and practicality, there was simply no otherMany SUVs have a third row and are officially rated for seven occupants, but this has its limitations as the last row of seating is effectively in the boot/ cargo area. Each of these models have a starting price of about 40,000. But the SUV with the most cargo space is the 2012 Chevrolet Suburban.Each deliver more cargo room than the Nissan Quest minivan. The sacrifice consumers make by choosing an SUV over an equally capable suburban runabout like a minivan is what brings us here today.The Odyssey has more cargo space behind its second row than the Pilot has behind the first row. 2018 honda odyssey vs chrysler pacifica minivan matchup review: the minivan wars . stow-n-go-fold seats for more cargo space in 2017 chrysler .Which midsize suvs have the most cargo room? - motor trend, Here are the five midsizers that offer the most room for your stuff—as measured with Instead, we pared down our selections to eight categories: Two-door hatchbacks, four-door hatchbacks, coupes, sedans, SUVs/crossovers, convertibles, wagons and minivans.Starting price: 15,650. Maximum cargo space: 52.

7 cubic feet. In fairness, the four-seater Golf had this much space as well Midsized SUVs Midsized SUVs have become alternatives to minivans and might satisfy the needs of many shoppers considering a large SUV. For many families, midsized SUVs provide the best balance of power, interior space, cargo room, and safety. Minivans typically have more cargo space than SUVs and with the Chrysler Pacifica and Dodge Grand Caravan, interior cargo space can easily be reconfigured with the vehicles Stow n Go seating. We recently found out number 4 is on the way and the great debate over Minivan or SUV has arisen again.Wife is now coming around that the mini-van might be more practical due to extra space and room for cargo due to recess in back. Which suv, minivan, crossover space, Which suv, minivan, or crossover is the most space-efficient? .but i dont think most people buy minivans and suvs in order to put all the seats down for cargo. Minivan, no question, has more cargo space. Most rental minivans come with "sto and go" seats which means they fold into the floor.

I own an SUV slightly larger than the SUVs that you can generally rent and still have to borrow the parents Grand Caravan for big IKEA runs. posted by saradarlin at 2SUV or a minivan, because even though theres something out there for everyone, you may still have to weigh your options and make someFold-flat seats are nice, but they dont completely disappear into the floorboard like most minivans, so cabin space will remain more limited in the rear cargo You are at: Home » The best SUV or minivan under 40k.More cargo space than the GL Mercedes, and seats 7 comfortably.Again, I prefer the diesel because its more efficient, has gobs of torque, and is presently cheaper to fill up! You cant beat the people and cargo carrying efficiency of a minivan. Let us know how many of you there are and if the children are young (need attention in the car) and we can start to narrow down the list.Theyre pretty nice, but a minivan has even more space. Minivan/MPV: The Cargo Van That Likes Kids Initially, just family-friendly vehicles derived from vans who usually carried cargo, the minivan has becomeThe regular downsides found in these vehicles are similar to those of the SUV, though. Most of them occupy too much space on the road and dont More cargo space than the GL Mercedes, and seats 7 comfortably. Leather interior is optional.Again, I prefer the diesel because its more efficient, has gobs of torque, and is presentlyWhat is the difference between vans, minivans, and SUVs? Is the Dodge Journey a minivan or an SUV? Most minivans have removable seating, but some SUVs do, too. Always ask to see models that have this feature. Its a lifesaver for family trips when you need more cargo room. 8. Which vehicle do you prefer? Drivers have begun demanding more room in their vehicles, whether it be cargo space or a bigger interior for passenger comfort. Volkswagen used to offer a minivan which delivered plenty of cargo and passenger space, but that model has discontinued. Not only will passengers have plenty of room, but the seats of a minivan can also be put down for extra cargo space. If youre considering between a minivan and an SUV, the first question you should ask yourself is how much cargo and passenger space do you really need? Some car buyers think the sport-utility vehicle is more hip. And SUVs certainly have a lot to offer, particularly for those in the snowbelt, where four-wheel drive isExtended wheelbase minivans, such as the Dodge Grand Caravan, boast tremendous cargo space not always found in SUVs. Many families have two kids, right? Were assuming you still need the space for several reasons: mandatory car seats, carpooling with other families and visiting relatives.120W CAR VACUUM:The car vacuum is ideal for cleaning the interior of any vehicle,car,SUV,minivan, truck.The set includes 2 Having since been displaced in that regard by SUVs for their more-rugged personas, and later CUVs for their car-like driving manners, minivans have subsequently fallen out of favor for theirIn most models, the third-row seat can also fold flat into the floor when not needed to maximize cargo space. Minivan Vs Suv Cargo Space minivan vs suv cargo space suvs vs minivans us news world report kit. minivan vs suv cargo space comparing minivans with seven passenger crossoverssuvs consumer kit Most minivans offer 140 to 150 cubic feet of total cargo space with the seats folded or removed.There are others, and you might want to investigate the height of the cargo area and how high you would have to lift your scooter to load it into an SUV. Its hard to know what criteria to use when judging which SUVs have the best cargo space. Is it more useful to have a sport utility vehicle that is a champion at hauling as much gear as possible with the rear rows folded over Arguments for a minivan: Roomy, filled with conveniences and even more cargo space.The Honda Pilot was recently redesigned to be less boxy and sleeker but still has one of the largest third rows in the SUV category if third row space is a consideration, be sure to test drive the Pilot. Most models allow for rear seat removal, which makes more cargo space. Minivans are known for their high safety ratings.A typical minivan can tow more than a regular passenger car and tow a similar weight to what an SUV can tow however, most likely youre not going to get the towing power People buy minivans for practicality. Youll see that inside, where passenger space is optimized with a third-row where even adults have enough leg room for long rides. Cargo space is also surprisingly impressive, often more than even the largest SUVs, and easy to access because of That said, there are still hundreds of thousands of families who wrestle with the decision of whether to purchase a minivan or SUV, which has chewed up theWhile SUVs have become more judicious in their use of space, they still generally fall short of the cargo space and legroom provided by minivans. SUVs as a rule have a little bit stiffer ride than minivans." "The other thing," he said, "is fuel mileage." Do minivans get better gas mileage as a rule?So in terms of which offers more cargo utility, a minivan or an SUV, the answer could go either way. 1.) SUVs offer a lot of cargo space, and the larger models offer seating for up to eight people.If youre in the market for a new or used SUV or minivan, visit Gary Lang Auto Group. For more information, please contact The below given list of midsize SUVs with more cargo space are especially for those people, who are looking for a SUV which provides huge cargo space but doesnt look like a minivan.

Have a look at the following names, they wont disappoint you. Both the SUV and the minivan have pros and cons. The SUV, usually built on a large truck frame, often withstands accidents better, able to take the brunt force of the accident and distribute it throughout the frame.When loading the vehicle the minivan also has more options for cargo space. SUV vs Minivans — Car Forums at Edmunds.com. Id be very interested to get peoples opinions about benefits/downsides to a mini van vs. SUV, SUV vs Minivans. has more cargo space Then AAMCAR Discount Car Rental has the New York rental car for you! The Ford Explorer, Kia Sorento (or similar) 7 passenger SUV.The third-row seating in the Ford Explorer can fold down flat at the touch of a button to give you even more cargo space when you need it. Sometimes people just want the versatility and flexibility of an SUV, or the ease of driving and space of a minivan.SUVs come in compact, midsize and full-size models. The larger the SUV, the more cargo and passenger-carrying capability the vehicle has. Like many families, at some point you have probably engaged in the car vs SUV debate.But, what did people who needed the extra passenger room and cargo space do, especially if they wanted to avoid going the whole minivan route? We went with the larger SUV which has a lot more cargo room.I cannot comment on the amount of cargo space in minivans/suvs etc. BUTif you are in the market for a new car, you may wish to consider a Chrysler product.Cargo Space, 2017 suvs with the most cargo space | carfax blog, A minivan has more space than any of these. a honda odyssey has 144.9Sport utility vehicle - wikipedia, Sport-utility (vehicle), suv or sport-ute is an automotive classification, typically a kind of station wagon / estate car with You need to change to a vehicle that has a larger seating capacity and more cargo space.If youre not sure whether a Toyota SUV or minivan is better for your family, Toyota of Clermont can help!SUV or a minivan, because even though theres something out there for everyone, you may still have to weigh your options and make someFold-flat seats are nice, but they dont completely disappear into the floorboard like most minivans, so cabin space will remain more limited in the rear cargo But theres more to a minivan than interior space. Sliding doors, a low step-inOne of our favorite optional innovations is the plug-in hybrid model, which has an electric-only range of 30 miles — enough for many families toThe Sedona is styled to look more like an SUV than a minivanThe Sedona is a bit short on cargo space compared to the other vans on this list, but it still holds plenty of luggage. With the seats up, even the small CX-5 has 37 more cargo room.Interesting.but I dont think most people buy minivans and SUVs in order to put all the seats down for cargo space. Find out which compact SUVs have the most cargo room here.A Flexible Interior. The Pilots cabin is reminiscent of a minivan, with rear seats that are easy to fold awayMore size means more space. The 4Runner is a bit bigger than most midsize crossovers, and the benefit is lots of cargo room. BEST minivan and SUVs Minivan: the most luxurious minivan out on the market right now is undoubtfuly the Honda Odyssy. The ride comfort is comparable to a Lincoln Towncar or a Cadillac DTS.SUV or a minivan, because even though theres something out there for everyone, you may still have to weigh your options and make someFold-flat seats are nice, but they dont completely disappear into the floorboard like most minivans, so cabin space will remain more limited in the rear cargo Another great thing about minivans is that they generally have more cargo space than SUVS. This comes in handy if you are planning on traveling with a stroller and/or other baby equipment. Minivan Cons. Minivans vs SUVs: For Moms on the Go. By: Mary Kremer. Is your family thinking of making the switch from a car to an SUV or minivan?Hands down, the Denali Yukon I drove had the most cargo space. Even with the optional back row of seats up, the Yukon took the cake amongst the SUVs I With well-appointed interior, plenty of cargo space, and a list of fun features its your trustedLearn More About Toyota Crossovers SUVs. C-HR.At the end of the day, if youre looking for the best family car, and whether that family car is a car, SUV, minivan, hybrid or crossover, Toyota has you

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