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Поиск видео на portall.zp.ua - video Read Mobil Tercepat Level 5 from the story Drag Racing Secret Tunes by andiancha17 (Andi Fachriansyah) with 15,217 reads. tunes, drag, racing. 1/4 Miles Dodge Android Drag Racing win complete level 7 career stage with 1 tune setup for Ford RS 200 Evolution V1.6 - Upgrades 2 3 2 5 5 5 Including the boss race against Ferrari 599 GTO and the one mile Drag racing is a well-conceived, well executed racer thatll keep petrolheads coming back for more."- The more your car costs, the tougher opposition youll face both offline and online - Upgrades count towards increasing car cost/ level, while tuning doesnt - Keep your car cost just under your level cap Level 08 Level 09 Level 10 Drag Racing 4x4 General Talk and Feedback General 4x4 Talk 4x4 Proposals 4x4 Bug Report 4x4 Drivers School 4x4 Offline/online racing tips 4x4 Tuning - basics 4x4 Upgrading - Shifting - Launching Garage - All 4x4 vehicles Land Rover Defender Huntsman. Top Fuel Drag Racing is a free racing game for all ages.The Drag Racing Analyzer Pro v2.0 is a Drag Racing vehicle simulation. See non-reviewed ipad drag racing tuning level 6 software. Drag Racing TUNE 7.259 level 10 1/4 Bugatti Veyron 1st gear tune tune will hit 7.257 if driven correctly. please subscribe, favorite and LIKE the video to see more added weekly.Прохождение боссов 1-6 в DragRacing Говорю в нос, сорри приболел. This blog is dedicated to the android app by creative mobile called Drag racing and helps players with their setups.I need a level 4 mustang tune max mods. Drag Racing TUNE 7.259 level 10 1/4 Bugatti Veyron 1st gear tune.

Просмотров: 121304.Learn Colors and Race Cars with Max, Bill and Pete the Truck - TOYS (Colors and Toys for Toddlers). Drag Racing Pro Tunes v5.0 Requirements: Android 1.5 Overview: The best app to compliment Creative Mobiles Drag Racing!No problem, youll also get 2nd gear tunes for all Pro League levels making that HOF climb that much easier. Each tune comes with driving instructions. Drag Racing Elite Tunes - разработчик Custom Mobile. Возможность скачать Drag Racing Elite Tunes на Android . Обсуждение Drag Racing Elite Tunes. You can apply the same logic to first gear start too ( have a think about it). In my next post Ill gather some acceptable tunes which should help you get a low race time, and put some tips together about how to take your tuning to the next level.

Drag Racing QR Code Drag Racing Pro Tunes was created to give you the advantage on Drag Racing Nitro Nation by Creative Mobile-Quarter Mile Pro Cars (updated for v1.6) Level 1 BMW 328is 12.286 World Record Level 2 Mazda RX-8 10.557 Level 3 Pontiac GTO 9.953 Level 4 Honda NSX-R 9.471 Level 5 Dodge Tapi yang jelas, pastikan pilihan mobil anda adalah yang tepat. Lalu bagaimana cara menambahkan RP/Respect Points di Drag Racing?M3 E92 (4,4,2,4,3,4) Career Level 5 Drag Racing: Novitec Rosso 599 GT8 (1,1,1,0,1,1) dan Gallardo LP 5704 SL (0,1,1,4,5,1) untuk BOSS dengan tune-up See more of Drag Racing Tuning Tipps on Facebook. Log In.Drag Racing Tuning Tipps. April 28, 2013 . Ford RS200 Evolution Level 7 tuning: 1/4 Mile 8.254 seconds. Drag Racing level 9 career Bugatti Veyron 164 1 tune setup CANNOT WIN BOSS RACE. Drag Racing Lamborghini Murcielago LP 670-4 5V level 8 - 1 mile race against MC12 Corsa. Tune Car Drag Racing Lv10. Drag Racing Requested TUNE 12.430 level 7 1/2 Aston Martin. DragRacingProTunes. 7.261 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 super sport drag racing tune android. TDIboostmonster. Временно пропустить новости. Hi Readers, If you are looking for a way to get easy money and RP . You should get Dodge Charger SRT-8 and use the following tune setup . It will help you earn a lot with less effort . NOTE : DONT SELL DODGE CHARGER AS YOU CANT BUY IT AGAIN IF SOLD. Level 1 BMW 328is 12.286 World Record Level 2 Mazda RX-8 10.557 Level 3 Pontiac GTO 9.953 Level 4 Honda NSX-R 9.471 Level 5 Dodge Charger SRT8Drag Racing Pro Tunes Permissions: Read phone status and identity: Allows the app to access the phone features of the device. Drag Racing Tune Level 8 Amp 10. Source Abuse Report.Related: hennessey venom gt drag racing, bugatti veyron 16.4 super sport tuning drag racing, drag racing lamborghini tuning 5. Labels: android drag racing app, renault Clio upgrades, renault clio V6 tuning.I can run a 16.663 level 5 for everything I only moved the final drive gear down until I had no tire spinning I left the stock transmission one nitrous. DRAG RACING 9.396 sec LP 570-4 level 5 1/4 mile tune with ratios. TDIboostmonster. Drag Racing Fastest Lamborghini Gallardo 1/4 mile. paigow66. Drag racing level 4 BMW m3 9.582 with tuning!! skizzals. Найдено 198 видео. Drag Racing TUNE 9.498 level 5 1/4 Nissan GT-R R35. Загружено 13 января 2012. Fan requested Tune. the best car for this level is Lambo G then Aston martin. please subscribe, favorite and LIKE the video to see more added weekly. Android Drag Racing complete level 9 career stage with 1 tune setup for Porsche 9ff GT9-R including the boss race against Ferrari FXX. Upgrades: 4 4 1 3 4 5 The upgrades are not up to the max as it is a career tune Android Drag Racing complete level 9 career stage with 1 tune setup for Bugatti Veyron 16.4, Ugrades 5 5 5 5 5 5 You can run very good times on the Jan 26, 2012 Drag Racing TUNE 21.000 Ford GT level 6 Career mode Level 7 1/4 Ford GT 9.234 Drag Racing win level 6 career Porsche Carrera GT with 1 tune.nissan gtr 2017 r35 drag racing tune level 5, twin-exhaust tips and adaptive damping. 2015 Drag Racing level 6 Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570 4 SL 1/4 mile tune V1. Sep 3, 2013 Another video for level 5 boss with lambo gallardo,this tune working great for2. 6 part 2 it is the second try to find better tuning for t Dragracing Gallardo LP 9,400 lvl5 tuning and upgrades 1/4 mile www. Android Drag Racing Nissan GTR-R35 Level 5 BOSS Tune 1/4 Mile w/ Commentary.Android Play: Drag Racing Career Stage 5 Walkthrough. Then upgrade to Pro version and get drag racing pro tunes.-QUARTER MILE CARS Level 1 12.378 Mazda rx-8 Level 2 10.639 Honda s2000 Level 3 9.990 Nissan Skyline Level 4 9.614 Subaru Impreza Level 5 9.420 Aston Martin HALF MILE CARS Level 1 19.080 Honda. Video on this topic. Drag Racing Toyota Supra Level 2 Tune 18,368 1/2 Mile.Drag Racing tune car Supra MK4 TT for 3 Career Stage(Level 1,2,3) V.1.5. Ive been drag racing the 1/2 mile with hennessy venom gt fully upgraded. Here is my tune.Im not a noob I built this tune and am so ticked off because My average 1/2 mile race time is 10.899 and sometimes 10.898 my personal best is 10.897 I Drag Racing Clasic Level 7 And Boss Ford RS200 Evolotion Tune Car Settings. Drag Racing Best Tunes contains 21 free pro tunes. The app contains tunes for cars in the Drag Racing app by Creative Mobile. These tunes and Drag Racing setups will make you win in all your pro league races and even set you up to break records. Drag racing tune lvl 5 dodge carger 1/4 9.180 up next drag racing 1 drag racing dodge charger srt-8 level 5 tune almost world record 9,278 1/4 mile. 2nd gear tune, press gas then slide down to shifter, after start it will automatically shift to 2nd for a perfect start. release the shifter and continue the race. This is on a iphone 3, the screen looks better in person but the camera can pick up all the pixels as you can see. please subscribe, favorite and LIKE So ask your Drag Racing question for iPhone - iPad and get answers from real gamers or answer questions and share your insights and experience with the rest of the gaming community.I got a level five Nissan skyline what would be the best tuning to beat level 5 boss. In Drag Racing: 44 theres literally this cool game: Drag Racing Website: http:/ dragracing realistic racing gameplay than ever! Tune your levels of bikes and race categories. FAIR PLAY In Drag Racing cool game: Drag Racing Website: http Android Drag Racing complete level 8 career with 1 tune setup for Lamborghini Murcielago LP 670-4 5V V1.6 Upgrades 5 5 5 5 5 5 The tune is a compromise for the career stage 8 and you can win Android Drag Racing Hennessey Venom GT quarter 1/4 mile level 9 tune setup V1.6 Upgrades: 1 2 1 1 5 5. The time 7.797 is close to the world record, my best time with this tune was 7.795. drag racing, tuned, android, levels.DRAG RACING Android. This blog is dedicated to helps players with their setups. Следующее. Drag Racing win level 5 career Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X FQ400 with 1 tune setup V1.6 - Продолжительность: 3:36 tutorialpost 169 619 просмотров. Flag for inappropriate content. Daftar Tune Up Drag Racing Android. 1 of 3. HOME HOME.Tune Up Drag Racing Half Mile Level. 1. 2. 3. Kaloyan Cholakov: Got 11.928 out of that tune :D Its brilliant, impossible to lose a race in pro league! Karan Rasquinha: I beat level 8 boss with this.CodGame Glitchers: if i get enough support my channel i will start putting up videos of tunes in drag racing. Drag Racing 8.734 Tune Level 6. Source Abuse Report.Related: s2000 tuning drag racing, mitsubishi lancer evo x gsr fq 400 tuning drag racing, lamborghini tuning software, lamborghini tuning uk, lamborghini tuning games, lamborghini tuning shop. Question for Drag Racing. How do you beat level 6?what car will win in level 5. I want to have money and rp. How do I tune my supra to beat level Android Drag Racing Level 10 tune setup for 1/4 mile races with Hennessey Venom Drag racing nivel 9 porsche 9ff Gt9r. Drag Racing level 9 Hennessey Venom GT 1/4 mile tune V1.6. Drag Racing level 5 BOSS RACE. Francisco Batz.

Android Drag Racing Nissan GTR-R35 Level 5 BOSS Tune 1/4 Mile w/ Commentary. Rustick KT. Drag Racing ! lvl 5 best car 9.267 - Android. The second thing you need to watch for is whether or not your android drag racing car is powerful enough to launch you to 4th Gear in an extremely short amount of time. Try to set it to 1.7. The best app to compliment Creative Mobiles Drag Racing! Career mode bosses turn to EASY mode with Pro Tunes. Do you want to learn to tune like the Pros?Level 3 Nissan Skyline 9.949. Level 4 BMW M3 9.576. Level 5 Lamborghini G 9.397. Drag Racing 14.011 Tune Aston Martin level 5 Добавлено: 6 год.DragRacingProTunes 6 год. Android Drag Racing Level 3 Honda s2000 1/2 m

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