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Class with useful static methods for outputting PHP values into JavaScript format. // Change the form action to a PHP script that will handle your input. Take out the "alert" line in the javascript. When you submit the form, the variable will be passed to your PHP script in the post array as POST[msgbody]. EDIT: well im just trying to get the hash from a url via javascript then put that in a php script.We can do this by passing it as url variables from page2.php and get it in page1. php using GET[]. page2.php (send JS variable). script>. The code shown a pop up alert box! Im not using javascript, but I like to know, how can I get the value in a PHP variable to save It in a MySQL table.When you submit the form, the variable will be passed to your PHP script in the post array as POST[msgbody]. HTH. Is there any way to put javascript variables into php, and then back out?Hello, you need to learn the difference between clientside and serverside code. In order to get a variable from the server (PHP) you need to communicate with the server. This question already has an answer here: How to pass variables and data from PHP to JavaScript? 8 answers I currently echo certain variables in hidden input fields and read them out with Javascript whenever I need them. This video demonstrates two methods of passing PHP variables to Javascript functions. JavaScript Variables, Constants, Data Type and Reserved Words covering valid invalid variables, declaring variables, variables usage, data type conversion, expression present and future reserve words in details.php.

js. Twitter Bootstrap. hi, my purpose of my code is to get an array of subcategory details and format it and when when mouse over some subcategory - an image will change (dynamically). this code is PHP with Javascript. My problem is how can i get the variable key1 from the javascript funtion to the PHP which echoes the You cannot pass variable values from the current page javascript to the current page PHP code PHP code runs at the server side and it doesnt know anythingYou need to pass variables to PHP code from html-form using another mechanism, such as submitting form on GET or POST methods. but that results in invalid JavaScript code: