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The El Nio Southern Oscillation (ENSO) cycle is a periodic climatic phenomenon that refers to a warming of the Central and Eastern PacificFigure 6: Potential2015/2016 El Nio impact on different sectors. Source: Regional Integrated Multi-Hazard Early Warning System for Africa and Asia, 2015. National emergency. The El Nino-induced drought damaged crops from palm oil, rice and sugar in Asia to grains in southern Africa and robusta coffee inMeanwhile, the Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWSNET) said the El Nino-induced drought which overshadowed the 2015/2016 farming South Africas agriculture minister Senzeni Zokwana has warned of "regional disaster" if the drought persists. Governments say they are prepared.(17.11.2015). What you need to know about the extreme weather event El Nio. 2015 Global Earthquake Review. El Nio/Southern Oscillation Background.Three billion-dollar drought events were recorded in the region in 2015, including two alone in Africa (South Africa and Ethiopia) and one in Romania. The El Nio phase had a considerable effect on droughts and heatwaves, especially in South America, Africa and Southeast Asia.Two tornado outbreaks across the southern USA in late December 2015 brought a destructive and deadly end to what had been a relatively quiet year for severe About 14 million people face hunger in Southern Africa because of a drought that has been exacerbated by El Nino, says the UnitedSalt pans and dams are scattered across drought effected farmland in South Australia, November 12, 2015. A pioneering Australian scheme to improve the During late 2015 and early 2016 it is likely to contribute to drought in Southern Africa. In the last El Nio of comparable magnitude 1997-1998 a rapid transition to La Nia conditions occurred. Some observers speculate that this may happen again. The El Nino weather phenomenon, one of the worst in 50 years, has caused intense drought in southern Africa that will have a "devastating" impact on the regions food security, the UN food agency warned onEl Nino to cause 80 percent rise in East Africans needing aid: UN.

October 23, 2015. By Megan Rowling BARCELONA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Nearly 1 million children need treatment for severe malnutrition in eastern and southern Africa due to drought that is putting millions more at risk of hunger, water shortages and disease, the U.N. childrens agency said on Wednesday. El Nio is a rise in oceanic temperatures in the South Pacific that affects weather patterns across the globe and results in a reduction in rainfall in Southern Africa.When the average for the rainfall districts is calculated, South Africa received only 330 mm of rain in 2015. about possible weather anomalies associated with El Nio conditions in the Northern Hemisphere are related to the areas where the 2015 main cropping season has just started, such as southern Asia, East Africa and West Africa. The annual rains across Southern Africa are notoriously fickle and in addition, borderline El Nio conditions were prevalent by late last year. The rains that fell from October/November 2014 through to February 2015 were very erratic, starting a month or more late, and then from El Nio 2015-2016 is currently affecting the health of millions of vulnerable people in the Horn of Africa, southern and eastern Africa, South Pacific, Central America and South Asia. In the search for atmospheric suspects, youd be remiss if you didnt put El Nio in the lineup. Since the start of the rainy season in southern Africa in October 2015, many countries have received less than half their normal precipitation. Southern Africa has been struggling with an intense drought that has expanded and strengthened since the earliest stages of the 2015/16 agricultural season, driven by one of the strongest El Nio events of the last 50 years. On the contrary, in Southern Africa, strong El Nio events frequently cause drought and reduce crop production and this effect could be particularly dangerous considering the low crop production of this region in the 2014- 2015 season. A Strong El Nio Developing. Weather. Wednesday 22 July 2015 - 3:06pm.This see-saw between El Nio and La Nia is known as the Southern Oscillation (referred to as ENSO - El Nio SouthernAlmost all of central and eastern South Africa has already experienced below-normal rainfall over the Vast tracts of farmland across southern Africa have been decimated by the worst drought in almostThe price of white maize, a staple, has more than doubled since the start of 2015, while the yellowThe El Nino phenomenon, which has disrupted the rainfall that normally falls over the region from While South Africa had better response plans in place, the country hasnt escaped the eects of El Nio.

Impact on inflation.Official measures of unemployment indicate that sector employed about 700 000 people in South Africa as at September 2015. Approximately 14 El Nino events affected the world between 1950 and 2003. Amongst them was the 1997/98 event, by many measures the strongest thus far this century, although South Africa escaped the impact of it to some extent. During the last rainy season (October 2015 to March 2016), Southern Africa experienced an El Nio-induced drought that crippled rain-fed agricultural production, which accounts for the livelihoods of most Southern Africans. South Africas Eskom cannot commit to nuclear expansion: acting CFO.Kenyas finance minister further trimmed the countrys 2015 economic growth forecast on Wednesday, citing tighter monetary policy and the potential impact of the El Nino weather phenomenon that has brought heavy rains. "The presence of a strong El Nino episode in 2015/16 raises serious concerns regarding the impact on food insecurity," the FAO said in the alert, issued late on Tuesday. Regional harvests last season were also badly affected by drought conditions, raising the spectre of A strong El Nio means a better chance of unusually wet conditions in some places (such as the U.S. Sunbelt, from southern California to Florida) and a better chance of droughtTraditionally an exporter of maize, South Africa had to import more than 300,000 metric tons of maize from Brazil in 2015. Severe droughts and floods have ruined harvests, and left nearly 100 million people in southern Africa, Asia and Latin America facing food and waterInsufficient rains since March 2015 have resulted in drought conditions. In Central America, El Nio conditions have led to a second consecutive year of 201516 El Nio, which is one of the most severe events in 2013, both on nationalSustained SOI values below 8 indicate El Nio episodes (the warm phase of the Southern Oscillation).The results show that while Australia, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, Peru, and South Africa face a short-lived The El Nino event enhanced the 2015 short rains season between October and December 2015, with more rainfall than normal falling in eastern Africa.[31] The 201416 El Nio/Southern Oscillation (ENSO) diagnostic discussion: March 2015 (PDF) (Report). United States Climate Prediction Center. Dry weather in southern Africa has reduced agricultural production and left 28 million people hungry. Scientists have blamed the lack of rainfall on El Nino weather conditions.

El Nino results. from unusually warm water along the western coast of South America. South Africa isnt the only place that has dealt with the damage wrought by El Nio in 2015. 1. Ethiopia The most populous landlocked country on Earth, Ethiopia, suffered from low rainfall and a consequent extreme drought with roughly 10 million people affected. In southern Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi and South Africa have been hit by a drought.More on this story. Can Ethiopia cope with worst drought in decades? 10 November 2015. El Nino impacts Ethiopia. News. Financial. Southern Africa.South Africas weather service and global forecasters have predicted that El Nino will form again in the southern hemisphere winter or spring, which falls between July and September. 4 El Nino Timings and Southern Africa Growing Seasons Growing Season Growing Season El Nino evolution The current El Nino event was officially declared in March 2015 and will reach its peak intensity in December 2015 El nio impacts. Last Update: 08/06/2015. 60N. Western Europe flooding: 200M. 30N. Iberian Peninsula Northern Africa drought: 200M.Southern Africa drought: 1B. KEY. 30S warm dry. The 2015/16 El Nio event has been one of the strongest on record and many countries have already taken action.Background. El Nio2 is the warm phase of the El Nio Southern Oscillation in the Greater Horn of Africa conditions tend to be much wetter than average in El Nio years. 2015) for previous moderate-to-strong El Nio events dating back to 1950.2. The growth of a strong El Nio through October 2015.Caribbean, northern South America, India, and some regions of equatorial Africa. In Ethiopia and southern Africa, Nio-3.4 SSTs explained 45 and 53 of the 198182 to 201516 rainfall variance, respectively.—, and J. Kim, 1997: The relationship of the El NinoSouthern oscillation to African rainfall. Int. During 2015 the Pacific became even warmer leading to one of the strongest El Nio events ever observed. Research shows that eight of the ten strongest droughts in southern Africa since 1900 occurred during the mature phase of El Nio. Southern Africa is currently in the grip of an intense drought that has expanded and strengthened since the earliest stages of the 2015-2016 agricultural season, driven by one of the strongest El Nio events of the last 50 years. The El Nio of 1982-83 was responsible for the loss of nearly 2,000 lives and displacement of hundreds of thousands from their homes. The losses were caused by droughts and fires in Australia, Southern Africa, Central America, Indonesia, the Philippines, South America and India. Southern Africa El Nio expected to lead to drier than average conditions across the region.South America: Typical El Nio season. Current growing season status. Seasonal rainfall by early December 2015 as percent of average. The 2015/16 El Nio Southern Oscillation (ENSO) episode severely affected more than 60 million people around the world.The impact of drought, flooding and severe storms led 23 countries to appeal for international humanitarian assistance in East and Southern Africa, Central America, the CBS Evening News El Nino causing devastating drought in AfricaFace The Nation Students call Congress to act on gun controlas the country director for Lesotho, a southern African country struggling from drought prod About 14 million people face hunger in Southern Africa because of a drought that has been exacerbated by an El Nino weather pattern, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) said on Monday. Heightened Health Risks Associated with El Nio Conditions 2015-2016.Africa: Wetter conditions in equatorial East Africa during the short rainy season drier than normal conditions in Southern Africa and some areas in the Sahel. A potentially record-breaking El Nio brewing in the tropical Pacific Ocean will soon hit southern Africa with Zimbabwe included.Weather agencies worldwide have said the evolving El Nio, a warming of the equatorial Pacific Ocean, may turn 2015 into the strongest on record. Although various factors have contributed to Africas food security issues in recent years, farmers will have an even harder time this year, with many still attempting to recover from the effect of the El Nino in 2015. The worst affected countries in the southern Africa region in 2016 will be Zimbabwe, Angola Southern Africa is feeling the impact of an intense El Nio that began last year.Average maize prices were at a record high in December 2015. The governments 146-million Food Insecurity Response Plan is so far 48 percent funded. 11 Nov 2015 04:56 GMT.Some 11 million children in eastern and southern Africa face hunger, disease, and water shortages as a result of the strongest El Nino weather phenomenon in decades, the United Nations childrens fund said. Southern Africa: Joint EC, FAO, FEWS NET and WFP Statement on El Nio Impact in Southern Africa.Coastal vulnerability across the Pacific dominated by El Nio-Southern Oscillation. —by Patrick L. Barnard, et al Nature Geoscience 2015, DOI: 10.1038/NGEO2539. 4 Effects of the 2015/ 2016 El Nio on Zimbabwe Rainfall Vimbai Mamombe. 37 51. Theme 2: el nio and its social and economic impact 1New York. Landman, W.A. and L. Goddard. 2002. Statistical Recalibration of GCM Forecasts over Southern Africa using Model Output Statistics.

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